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Mike Meads
Forgotten Fauna

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New Zealand has numerous unusual


Foreword by M.C.Crawley
Chapter 1  Dinosaurs of the insect world
Chapter 2  An inordinate fondness for beetles...
Chapter 3  Ancient survivors
Chapter 4  More than just slime and slither
Chapter 5  Nothing in nature stands alone

In this book I have attempted to show you some of the unique and fascinating invertebrates of New Zealand. Many ...
This common Xyloteles closely resembles the missing Chatham Islands longhorn beetle.


Oclandius cinereus is found only on subantarctic islands

Heterexis sculptipennis eats Pleurophyllum on subantarctic Adams Island
A rare new species of Flammulina from the mountains of Northwest Nelson

 I am often asked "So what?", "What good are they?" Simply, life

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